Your Web Hosting Account is Ready!

You may now add content and replace this placeholder page with your own. You may use the web-based File Manager (login to your account Control Panel to use it) or upload your files via FTP. Information on this is found in your welcome email.

Admin Panel (Cpanel) Login
If you'd like to manage your account, please login to your Control Panel by accessing:
Be sure to have your login name and password ready; they are found in your account activation email.

QuickStart Guide
If you are new to Cpanel or hosting in general, we recommend that you download our QuickStart Guide. It contains basic tutorials on cPanel as well as easy one-click access to all of your account's features and important links to find help should you get stuck along the way.
[ more information here ]

Support options
Please take a moment to look at our Knowledge Base - it contains much valuable information that would assist you in starting up! If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact support or submit a support request ticket via the helpdesk.

You may also visit our forum; we'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for choosing HostArc Solutions!




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